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RIVE – Rivers of Europe

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RIVE responded to the question of the present and the future meaning of rivers. Historically rivers are not only a main source and centre of life, but carriers of meaning for human interaction. We traveled the length of the River Danube, inviting people from the Black Forest to the Black Sea to share experiences and values. Our floating venue offered a wide-ranging cultural program, exploring the connecting and dividing forces of the Danube and addressing cross-national issues. The New York Times titled the project: “Ambassadors of culture”.


We presented a haptic installation by slovakian artist and visual researcher Tibor Nagy Grosso.

Hungarian artist, architect and designer Gergely Kukucska and his team have created objects and installments to be used by our visitors. Austrian filmmaker Max Biskup was showing a video and sound installation, and serbian graphic designer Filip Bojovic was responsible for the fresh look on board.


Bulgarian choreographer Jivko Jeliazkov has created a 25 minute performance with dancers Rebekka Böhme, Michal Goral, Elena Martino and Philip Milanov. Bulgarian new media artist Albena Baeva was showing an interactive video installation. The live music for the evening has been created by Kamil Sobiczewski, Gabor Görgenyi, Patryk Matela and Ljubomir Nikolic.


We organised open workshops in a daily on board and in urban spaces. People could have freely participated of the workshops held by our dancers, musicians, artists and designers.


Petrányi Barna




IP Tanz (DE)
D.ID Dance Identity (AT)
Meteorit Theatre (SK)
Derida Dance (BG)
Polish Robert Schuman Foundation (PL)