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Play! MOBILE aimed to encourage cultural participation in the micro regions of Europe. We believe that community art practice, the creation of modifiable site-specific installations and the development of a participatory game as a platform for interaction between artist-artifact and public, offers a sophisticated and inclusive way for capacity building and the development of new audiences. By turning public spaces of the visited settlements into playgrounds of contemporary art, we aimed to create an alternative way of cultural consumption, a methodology to present contemporary artworks without the necessity of having all the satisfactory infrastructure.

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone regardless gender, economic status, age or geographical position. Contemporary art should be available and created not only in the existing cultural hubs, but also on the micro-regions. Play! MOBILE wished to offer a solution for this phenomenon by making contemporary art available anywhere to anyone. We aimed to develop a game structure which defined the framework of the presentation of contemporary art works, using the given spaces and potentials of the places to be visited.

Play! MOBILE turned towns into stages and exhibition spaces, spaces and streets of fiction, where anything can happen by the tools of art. The game as structure determined the position of the viewer as an active, undetermined one, that allowed them to perceive art in a non-direct way. Therefore, the international team of artists – together with local youngsters from visited towns – created a site specific interdisciplinary and participatory game, which was adopted to the different small settlements of partnering countries, thus bringing contemporary art closer to its audience. We believe that this approach was not only bring people closer to contemporary art in the remote areas, but also generated discussion between cultural operators on the issue off access to culture.


Hajdú Fanny, Salgó Viktória




Di Mini Teatro (FR)
Kulturanova (RS)
Meet Lab (HU)