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Regarding the increased interest in “Tájékoztató” (*Informative* – book by the Hungarian author, Sándor Tar), Déri Museum started to think about to create an audio book from the text. In one hand, because many people prefer the acceptance of works in artistic interpretation; on the other hand, younger generations listen to a literary text sooner than they read it; and last but not least the audio book can reach many visually disabled readers by Tar’s writing. Following the increasing number of narrated performances in the theatres, museums also should provide their national heritage accessible to the disabled people.

In the ’60s and’ 70s, many Hungarian young people left the country to try their luck in East Germany or, as it was officially called, in the German Democratic Republic. Sándor Tar was one of these people with hopeful goals, and he experienced what the socialist guest laborer really meant – first as a factory worker between 1967 and 1971, and then in 1975 as an educator at the Dresden Workers’ Home.

Based on his experiences, written notes and stories from his fellows, his sociographic writing “Tájékoztató” (Informative) was born, and in 1976 he won the tender of the journal “Mozgó Világ”. In his writing, he unabashedly describes the dreary, often animalistic living conditions of the workers in GDR, the inefficiency of the home educator and his failures to make any change, and the unscrupulous career building and material enrichment of functionaries.

His work could not even appear in the journal, but finally, the samizdat tab, “Profil” undertook to publish. In 1989, the text became widely known as “A lehetőség” (The Opportunity) in Tar’s book, “Mért jó a póknak” (Why Good for the Spider), and it was reissued with photos and contemporary documents in 2017.

Featuring on the audio book:

Zoltán Bezerédi · Ferenc Elek · Attila Epres · Ági Gubík · Attila Kristán · Lehel Kovács · Ákos Orosz · Dávid Szatory · Nelli Szűcs · Zsolt Trill

Editor: Lajos Lakner · Director: Ferenc Markovits · Sound engineer: Dénes Rédly · Project manager and director’s assistant: Sára Pallag · Expert adviser: Csaba Árpádházy-Godó ·

The recording was made at DéGa Sound Studio in 2019

Responsible publisher: dr. Director János Angi

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