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The word monodance was coined by the analogy and inspiration of monodrama. Performances reflecting their creating artists’ personal confessions fall in this category. However, monodance is not (necessarily) the same as solo dance; therefore, invited performances do not merely include solo pieces.

Pro Progressione has been organizer and collaborator of the MonoDance Festival since 2010, and in August of 2019 for the very first time the MonoDance Seoul Festival was held – also organized by Pro Progressione – as a co-festival of the Hungarian program.

As the next stage in internationalization of the prominent MonoDance Festival, the 1st MonoDance Seoul Festival was held in Korea for the first time in August 2019, featuring the strongest domestic performances of the 8th MonoDance Festival.

  • László Mádi-Máté Mészáros: InSoundOut – Central Europe Dance Theater
  • Rita Góbi – Dávid Dávid – Pavla Beranová: Volitant – Góbi Rita Company

The collaboration will continue in 2020 at the 9th MonoDance Festival – the two Korean performers have already been selected from the 1st MonoDance Seoul Festival.


In 2018 the Bethlen Theater represented the 8th MonoDance Festival in Budapest. As in the previous editions Pro Progressione took part as the organizer of the festival’s international scene. We requested 2 young Korean artists, Lee In Soo and Jaewoo Jung, the price-winners of the famous Seoul International Dance Festival to introduce themselves first in Europe in the Monodance Festival. The Bulgarian Miroljuba Petrova and Slovakian Tomas Danielis also represented themselves with success.

Lee In Soo is the leader of EDx2, one of the most internationally known contemporary dance companies in South Korea. He graduated from the Korean National University of Arts in 2008, from 2010 he teaches there. His choreography, “A first meet” won the Spark prize in 2017 on the Seoul International Choreography Festival (SCF).

Jaewoo Jung is one of South Korea’s most talented young dancers. He dances int he Korean National Contemporary Dance Company since 2016. He graduated from the Master of Korean National Art University and already works on his own choreographies. Junior winner of the International Dance Choreography Festival Seoul 2017 with his new show: “uninhabited Island”.

Miroljuba Petrova is a Bulgarian-Hungarian dancer currently living and working in Amsterdam. She is a versatile contemporary dancer, experienced also in capoeira, Bulgarian folk dance and pantomime. Beside The Netherlands she worked in many international projects. She performed “Once a little bird…” on the festival.

Tomas Danielis’s art is known to create specific set of tools and innovative movement languages for each of his project. His works were presented in more than 20 countries and referred to as innovative, fresh, touching and inspiring. The exceptionally physical pure dance performance Suites (2016) acclaimed for approach to composition, movement language and understanding of J. S. Bach.


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