Holtvagany 2

Siding – Tram Theatre

On the 3rd Dunapest Festival, Pro Progressione introduced a unique theatre show. The Siding – Tram Theatre was an interactive play, which manifested on the route of one of the worlds nicest tram line, tram 2. The audience was sitting on the seats of the tram, while watching a fascinating love-triangle among other passengers – the actors.

With a strong co-operation with the Municipality of Budapest and the Budapest Transportation Company, we achieved to create a special theatre performance on 2 evenings of the festival. The two well-known Hungarian writers Eszter Molnár T. and Benedek Totth created the script specially for this occasion. The director, Tamás Ördög is the founder of one of Hungary’s most celebrated young theatre groups, “Dollár papa gyermekei”. Tamás and the group were already experienced in performing on special locations, public spaces. On the main roles we presented some of the best actors of the theatre scene in Hungary.


Director: Tamás Ördög
Written by: Benedek Totth & Eszter Molnár T.
Performers: Roland Rába · Annamária Láng · Zoltán Schmied · Emese Cuhorka


Benjámin Péter




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