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Held almost 30 times since 2014, Fototreff Berlin is one of the most successful, regularly held contemporary photography events in the German capital. Fototreff Berlin provides a space for critical dialogue in contemporary artistic and documentary photography, through a variety of approaches to authorship, image editing and presentation.

The success of the event is in the well-thought-out and complex content: it simultaneously introduces the audience to current, critical topics addressed by the leaders of the profession, offers an introduction for young people and creates a gap-filling platform for meeting and professional dialogue. Thus, it offers relevant content to everyone from interested citizens through professionals.

The first part of the evening, “Talk” typically is lead by an invited professional moderator; here the professional guests present their current problems and works of interest. This is followed by the “Show + Tell”, which creates a workshop-like situation, in which young photographers – selected by the curators of Fototreff Berlin – present their current work, accompanied by professional comments from the guests of the previous section. In this phase, the active participation of the audience is also natural. The third but equally important part of the evening is the informal conversation, during which everyone becomes addressable. A special but increasingly popular new section is the “Book Slot”, in which a fresh or forthcoming photo book can be presented to the public. The evenings are occasionally attended by about 100 people.

It was an honor for Pro Progressione to be the organizer of the Fototreff Budapest (as the first Fototreff Abroad event) in Mai Manó House. Professional leaders were: Péter Puklus, who was already an invited guest of Fototreff Berlin in Berlin, and Tobias Zielony, who came to Hungary as an artist from Berlin. Alongside them, about 10 young Hungarian photographers presented themselves in front of the 80 participants.


Petrányi Barna


2019 május


Mai Manó Ház (HU)
Fototreff Berlin (DE)