FMG – Faust.Mephisto.Grete

Faust is the essence of German literature, which has been interpreted countless times, however it is almost impossible to keep it away from the stage, but it is equally an integral part of school literature classes. Faust, the eternally seeking individual who uses dark forces to reach a higher degree of understanding of human existence, make a deal with Mephistopheles, the devil who promises him eternal youth and the love of Grete in exchange for his soul.

Pathos München is Munich’s most important independent theatre. As a result of the collaboration, which started in 2017, our co-production entitled Faust 1 & 2 was presented in February 2018, in which Piroska Móga and Máté Czakó performed and also took part in the creative process. The piece had several performances in Munich in 2018, and then it was presented in Hungary within the framework of CAFé Budapest Festival in October.

The project provided an opportunity for two young domestic artists to try out themselves in an international environment and meet new working methods and creative processes. The critical reception of the play was excellent: one of Germany’s most prominent newspapers, the printed edition of Süddeutsche Zeitung dealt at length with both the play itself and the appreciation of the participating domestic artists.


Barna Petrányi




Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (HU)
Pathos München (DE)