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CREA Panodyssey

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Panodyssey, the social media dedicated to creative writing. The main aim of the project is to create a platform where the users can directly share their content and even monetize it.

With the emerge of social media, the connection between the artists and the audience has drastically changed. Artists have a direct reach to their audiences, they can easily share their artworks with them, which however has its’ own advantages and disadvantages as well, for example there are the copyright issues just to name one. While for the audiovisual sector there are several platforms to freely share their content, the number of attempts are much fever in the case of creative writing. Panodyssey offers a platform for publication both for the writers of fictional or non-fictional texts, let them be established journalists or amateur short story writers. Aside from connecting the writers with the readers, we also encourage the users to freely collaborate, and to form their own communities based on their topic of interests.

The project focuses on the creators, therefore priority will be given to ethical questions such as intellectual property, which will be ensured with the help of blockchain technology.

>Creative Room European Alliance

The project started in France, and it is the Creative Room European Alliance consortium’s main task to raise awareness over Panodyssey in other areas of Europe.

The project is supported by the Creative Europe programme namely the Creative Innovation Lab.


Barna Petrányi


2022 - 2024


Panodyssey (F)

Agencia Efe (PT)

Bsc Sme (BG)

Cap Digital (F)

Ceipes (IT)

Venetian Cluster (IT)

Voxeurop (F)

Worldcrunch (F)