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Banquet for Bees

Christine Fentz – the artistic leader of SECRET HOTEL – have been always had an interest in creating an artistic piece connected to nature in order to give an experience of combining art and nature to the audience. After the successful Walking Lecture on Ants, Secret Hotel now works together with Pro Progressione to create a participatory based theatrical piece focusing on bees.

If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live – said Einstein, according to an urban legend. Even if this is not literally true, it is important to be aware that bees are one of the most important and useful species in the world, because of their pollinating activities. With our performance Banquet for Bees, we are committed to presenting bees’ lives in an interactive and playful way, to familiarize participants with their daily habits, and to bring their world closer to ours. We especially recommend the performance to the younger generation, with the unconcealed intention that because of theese little steps a much more environmentally conscious generation will follow us.

Nowadays there are only a few art programs closely related to science and the environment. As one of the most progressive theatre companies in Hungary, Pro Progressione has been looking for ways and methods for a long time to deal with these topics in a new and exciting way, which is why we took the opportunity in 2018 when we met Christine Fentz and her special method.

Christine Fentz’s methodology combines environmental elements with an educational approach while using urban spaces and parks in an alternative site-specific way. In 2019 with the SECRET HOTEL, the creative process of Banquet for Bees has began. The walking lecture is the result of a collaborative effort between artists and scientists. Artists attend several weeks of residency in Hungary and Denmark. The presentation of the lecture took place in Margaret Island, Budapest, in October of 2019, where participants of the 17th International MitOst Festival were given an insight into the current stage of the creative process. In 2020, the play will be premiered at the Helsingør Teater Festival in Denmark, then both the Hungarian and Danish companies will go on tour. The performance is an ideal opportunity to present contemporary creative methods primarily in rural theatres, while the performances reinforce the interaction of stone theatres with the public and, by their outdoor nature, can reach new audiences.

The program perfectly fits in Pro Progressione’s goal of creating innovative, special performances where real international art and experience exchange takes place.

Director: Christine Fentz, Viktória Makra
Methodological advisor: Christine Fentz
Creative performers: Viktória Viktória, Gergő Lukács, Dávid Tamás Pap
Beekeeping consultant: Ákos Trimmel



Sára Pallag , Viktória Salgó


March 2019 -


MitOst Festival (DE)
Csokonai Theatre (HU)
Valley of Arts (HU)