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Discard Your PrejuDice – Deconstruction of Roma Stereotypes

Nowadays negative stereotypes, discrimination and racism are an increasing issue again in current Europe. Previous prejudices against Romas have not decreased as well as the issues with peaceful coexistence most parts of Europe has not been solved. After observing the situation a group of organizations from around Europe merged to join their artistic ideas and create a cultural project. A project, which aims to deconstruct negative stereotypes against Romas via a new approach.

The program aims to put the prejudices in new context. In recent years, there were a lot of efforts to fight with anti-Roma movements and prejudices. Our program will be unique: We do not fight with prejudices, we aim to put them in different contexts We implement a research on the most common prejudices in the partnering countries and put them in a different point of view Involving organizations working with Roma art for a long term, involving their experiences Combination of Roma and non-Roma artists Involving well known, well established Roma artists presenting Roma art and young artists

The main tool in our project is a cube. This 3D object allows to visualize complex approaches. A 4x4x4 distributed cube which illustrates the complex issue in three dimensions. On one edge the prejudices against Romas are listed (however, these prejudices will be researched during the project). On an other edge the artistic disciplines are collected (e.g. theatre, music, dance,…). On the third dimension (edge) there are tools (e.g. irony, empathy,…). Along the cube’s edges there are certain combinations can be put together: just as an example music+laziness+irony. There are four of this combination that will be implemented in the project. This unique technic allows the audience to visualize the complexity of the prejudices against Romas and understand it more indebt.


Barna Petrányi


2019 -