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WhatSAP – Organization persona figures

Our WhatSAP project is in a good shape! Four partners, four personas, one shared vision on Social Art Practices in Europe.
Each partner has now an organization persona who will guide us through our What’SAP journey.

First of all, let us intoduce Poppy, the persona of Pro Progressione. Her best friend from Hungary is Y Csoport.

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The mysterious named Hiawatha from Prague is a cosmopolitan open-minded and educated creative person. Very social, enjoys meeting new people, wine drinking and parties. The Archa Theatre (the home of Hiawatha) is a centre for contemporary stage art without regard to barriers of genre. Since its foundation in 1994, Archa has established a solid reputation on the domestic and international progressive scenes with its unique dramaturgy and innovative projects. It operates as a production house that provides space to artists for their creative work.

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The persona of Kulturanova is Nueva. She is creative, intelligent and open minded. She expended her team last year and now she lives in Novi Sad. Kulturanova (the home of Nueva) was founded in May 2001 in Novi Sad. It develops contents of independent culture in order to encourage positive social change and improve the position of creative people in Novi Sad and the region.

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Lastly but not leastly, let us introduce the fourth persona, the friend of Poppy, Hiawatha and Nueva! His name is DK-LOVE. He is a generous and empathic dancer. He is always late, but his friends love him because of his great sense of humour. Dk Bel (the home of DK-LOVE) creates and performs shows in France and abroad. Since it was founded in Villiers-le-Bel in 2004, it seeks to promote art to the most vulnerable audiences. All actions initiated by DK-BEL defend the values of empathy, sharing and kindness, with the aim of having an impact on today’s society. Its main focus is on inclusion through art.

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