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Open Call for Artists and Artistic Companies – PerFare project

As part of our Perfare project we are looking for Hungary-based artists or companies creating in the field of performance art, who are motivated and prepared to work with social welfare organizations.

PERFARE (2022-2025) is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Culture Programme, which intends to enhance the cooperation between the cultural and the welfare sector by creating innovative models for artistic interventions supporting people with physical or mental health issues. The project is to be carried out by five creative and cultural organizations from Italy, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Hungary, who will be involved in capacity building processes to foster their ability to work with the actors of their local Welfare systems. The members will share knowledge and capitalize already developed tools, as well as participate in a tour of field visits to gain direct experience on how performing arts interventions can improve Welfare services for people with health conditions. The main aims of PERFARE are to facilitate the access to performing art experiences for audience groups with health problems, and to innovate the partners’ organizations creative models in order to make welfare services an integral part of their artistic work.


We are looking for Hungary based artists or companies creating in the field of performance art, who are motivated and prepared to work with social welfare organizations (we consider welfare very broadly e.g. healthcare, recreational therapy, people affected by mental health conditions etc.) and who take an interest in developing innovative pilot actions with the involvement of audience groups composed by people with physical or mental health conditions.


– Creation budget
– Support materials
– International exchange and networking opportunities
– Artistic,expertise and technical support throughout the project
– Reimbursement of all travel and accommodation expenses incurred as part of international activities


Artists can apply by filling out this form, where the upload of the following application materials is also required:

  • CV;
  • Short motivational letter ( approx. 2000 characters);
  • Link that best represents their work (e.g. a video, website);
  • In case of being selected after the first round, a very brief presentation of a possible pilot idea is also required.

If you’re interested in the details, please find the full OPEN CALL here:

Perfare Open Call