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Midsummer Night

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A thick dark forest where anything could happen; where ordinary rules break up and relationships re-evaluate – this topos is the dramaturgical basis of Shakespeare’s drama, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In such a place, where strange events can only be limited by our imagination, the author can afford almost anything: the presence of magical beings, confusion of love threads, deformities of the characters – and so does Ambrus Ivanyos in his adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, made into a theatre adventure game directed by Máté Czakó.

The audience members of Midsummer Night were becoming active participants while taking part in this special performance, that is an interactive game at the same time. Starting from the gate of the Zsámbéki Theatre Base, they followed a predetermined path from under the ruins of a church. During the one-hour-long journey through the magical forest, the audience observed short scenes and participated in interactive games with the actors and creators, exploring the threads of the story and coming to know Puck’s adventures beyond Shakespeare’s fairy tale.


Zsigmond Bérczes


June 2018


Cseh Centrum (HU)
Czakó Máté (HU)
Horváth Kristóf ‘Színész Bob’ (HU)
Ivanyos Ambrus (HU)
Ledpuppets (HU)
Meet Lab (HU)
Y Csoport (HU)
Ziggurat Project (HU)