The Journey/drom


The JOURNEY / DROM is a collaborative theatre project with Roma and non-Roma artists and communities, in which an artistic platform to tell the stories of Roma, who went from the north of Serbia, through Hungary to Germany, is provided. What circumstances did they try to escape? Which difficulties did they face on their journey? What dreams did they have – and what happened in the end? Is there an end? For Roma coming from the Balkans, the route from Novi Sad via Budapest to Berlin is often the only gateway to seek asylum in Germany. Over 1050km are passed in overcrowded, broken cars – or even on foot; leaving behind their homes and familiar roots, hoping for a better life.

The multicultural ensemble with artists from Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Germany explored the poetics and politics of “being on the road” (Ando Drom), and examined how Roma identity and culture is performed today – including the on-going struggle against stereotypes and racism, which create social, political, and economic obstructions for them in every corner of Europe.

Through this project, we acted and advocated for a better representation and understanding of Europe’s largest minority.

It was our goal to work towards better mutual understanding, improvement of Roma standing in publicity and politics, and more harmonious multicultural communities through intercultural exchange and the telling of stories that are seldom heard.

As a result of this project, a network of Roma and non-Roma artists were established, opening the possibility of future collaborations.

The artistic result was a show which destroys your expectations of what a Roma performance should be – full of humour, just the right amount of chaos, and some hard-hitting moments which touch the nerve of what it is like to be Roma in Europe today.

The project was a co-production with the Gorki Studio Я, to premiere in ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi on October 27, 2016, with guest performances in Gorki Studio Я, Budapest, and Novi Sad to follow.


Music: M&M
Dramaturge: Dina Dooreman, Veronika Patočková
Photo: Nihad Nino Pušija
Video: Zack Helwa, Tal Siano
Technical Manager: Tilman Agueras
Artistic director: Brina Stinehelfer


Barna Petrányi




PerAspera (DE)
Maxim Gorki Theater (DE)
RomaTrial eV (DE)
Kulturanova (RS)