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channeling » Art&Tech is a professional workshop and public lecture series, which brings creators together to find answers to the most important challenges in the contemporary art&tech world. The goal of channeling is to find and bring together creators who use technology creatively, and during the 4 professional workshops explore the possible vision of creative ideas, channel creators into the bloodstream of the art & tech world through networking, consulting and joint performances.

Art or technology? Over the past decade, a number of technological innovations have become widely available, revolutionizing the lives of everyday users. In line with world trends, contemporary high-tech and nostalgic low-tech in Hungary also inspire artists to explore the possibilities offered by technology. The aim of our program is to discover the results of engineers and artists working together on the border of art and technology, to develop their technological, communication, leadership, art management and self-knowledge skills in a one-week theoretical workshop, to learn about business start-up opportunities during our two-day innovation walk in Budapest, to introduce the start-up ecosystem, and finally to show the collected material during our exhibitions in Sepsiszentgyörgy, Budapest and Novi Sad and on our constantly updated website.


Marcell Márk


2018 -


Meet Lab (HU)
Kulturanova (RS)
Nők a Tudományban Egyesület (HU)
Zipernowsky-ház (HU)
Creative Code Budapest (HU)