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A fusion of dance, physical theatre and traditional folk songs from various regions of Slovakia. How does a boy become a man in today’s postmodern society?

“Original cultures differed from one another in many things; however, you won’t find a single culture on the planet that would not develop some form of transitional rituals between childhood and maturity. From this point of view is the present Western civilisation a complete anomaly.”

In this creative process, in the context of the separate traditions and values of two generations, we focused on the transition of a teenage boy into a man. In nowadays society the important topic of manhood initiation has been altogether disappearing, meanwhile especially these days the question of one´s place in family and in society is more urgent than ever. We find ourselves in a period of time when the whole existing traditional system disintegrates.

Every man regardless of age and experience looks for his ideal model. Every kid wants to be a hero, no matter what kind of heroism it could be. His search is of instinct, observation, imitation. His ideal is distinction, his instructor is solitude and his guide is … a woman.

Is it possible not to be a hero? Is it possible not to be a man in a man’s body? Not to be like other men might be a betrayal of their kind, it is cowardice, frustration, perhaps even a betrayal of the tribe. The burden of expectations and stereotypes mingles with their own decay. We are a community of male outsiders.

Director: Matej Matejka (SK/PL)

Choreography: Martin Talaga (SK/CZ)

Scenography: Agnieszka Pátá (PL)

Music: Katarina Kalivodová (CZ/SK), Cécile da Costa (FR/CZ)

Performing: Martin Talaga, Katarina Kalivodová, Cécile da Costa, Kateřina Eva Lanči

Light design: Karel Šimek, Janka Galkó (HU)

Sound design: Andrey Shvetsov (RU)

Producer: ProFitArt


Petrányi Barna


2016 nyár


ProFitArt (CZ)
Záhrada (SK)
Studio Matejka (PL)