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Beyond Fronta was one of the most important contemporary dance project in Middle-Europe, invited the countries and the dance communities of the region. Between 2008 and 2014 over 30 Hungarian and more then 150 internantional, mostly young dancers had the possibility for creation, knowledge-exchange and to get to know the dance-scene of the wider region. The project was selected by the European Commission as a “success story”, making it an exceptional good example for international cooperations.

The 5-year project, Beyond Front@: Bridging New Territories, will employ dance-related activities to build physical, social a and creative bridges between:

dance artists in big and small cities · new “Bridge Partners” in other parts of Europe in order to open the Beyond Front@ network to new ideas and talent · dance and other related artistic mediums – video, photography, visual arts, writing, architecture, design – in order to: connect artists; enhance the language of dance; foster artistic creations and develop dance sensibility; expose dance to diverse audiences and presenting contexts · audiences in different countries, improving access to dance arts, engaging them in dialogues around their respective understanding and perception of dance · different social groups, through these experiences around dance, will better understand each other and accept their differences.

The co-organising partners in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, the United Kingdom and their associate “bridge” partners in Greece, Serbia, Slovakia, Italy and Portugal believe that, as primarily a non verbal art form, dance has a unique capacity to unite artists and people across Europe. United by a shared belief in the power of dance the partnership will produce a dynamic programme of co-productions and networking opportunities, mobilising dancers and audiences, across Europe.


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