Silvia Binda EUDD

The winner artist selected for the ‘Keep up or miss out’ art residency – EU Digital Deal (EUDD)

Excited to announce the winners of the residencies in #eudigitaldeal. Both we and our partners in #eudigitaldeal received an overwhelming amount of outstanding applications that had us facing tough decisions. But here we are! We’re excited to see how the project as a whole will be shaped by the works of these artists and where they will take the conversations and practices.

For our residency “KEEP UP OR MISS OUT” we chose Reclaiming Technology: A Collaborative Feminist Approach by Silvia Binda. Silvia’s work “is deeply rooted in Pro Progressione’s ethos, championing a grassroots, feminist-inclusive digital culture. This pioneering project seeks to dismantle biases and promote gender equity through community-driven efforts, emphasizing a slower, more intentional approach to technology. Silvia Binda Heiserova plans to utilize the residency’s resources to highlight the importance of feminist principles in technological advancements, promising a more inclusive and reflective digital future grounded in grassroots activism. The Pro Progressione team and our experts are looking forward to fostering something new through this project in the digital cultural sphere of Hungary.”

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