MOST Policy Booklet: Explore the Projects of the MOST Urban Creatives of the Urban Project Hub

MOST Music is all about building a stronger, more personal network between the Balkan music market and Western Europe. As the partnership realized, to boost the region’s music scene, more local opportunities are needed to be created – this is what Urban Project Hub is all about.

As one of the four pillars of the MOST project, Urban Project Hub served as an incubator programme for innovative projects from around the Balkans that connect the music industry to their respective urban environments. The programme supported music-related projects that boost the music scene in a city or region. Selected participants, so-called Urban Creatives, were set out to realize their plans with the financial and expert support provided by MOST, creating much-needed and unique urban projects. MOST offered training, mentoring, and networking opportunities to assist them in their diverse ventures: creative camps, raising awareness about the independent music scene in Bitola, or a festival showcasing young local artists.

Discover the 12 Urban Creatives selected from the total of 21 participants in the pillar who completed a mini-project during their time in the programme in the MOST Policy booklet here.