“… it was very comforting, like meeting an old friend”

Our colleague Juli Mihályfy recently joined us to take over the leadership of the PP Sound pillar. Juli was recently at WOMEX, where she not only met the partners involved in the MOST project, but also surprised us with report illustrated by many photos:

“This was the first time I attended Womex. Not long ago I joined PP and the Sound pillar became my home. Among the pillar’s several projects, the MOST project is one of them, and WOMEX is one of the partners of this project.
After months of working together with partners, I finally could get the opportunity to meet them in real life, it was very comforting, like meeting an old friend.


I spent my days at meetings and conferences, at the MOST booth spreading the project’s word and talking about next year’s grand finale, the Balkan:MOST festival that will take place the 7-9 September. I enjoyed the showcases and the spontaneous mini-concerts that you could bump into while walking through the aisles of the Altice Arena in Lisbon.


Womex is a magical music and colorful world, where people are happy to meet each other and share through music. It was refreshing and inspiring, and I came back home refilled and more connected to music. It’s a community that once gets the opportunity to reunite, where the common language is music.


Looking forward to reuniting with this colorful community next year in A Coruña.