“European creativity will shine through the digital world” – Interview with Alexandre Leforestier

Panodyssey is the only social media platform dedicated to writing that helps authors share their creations with as many people as possible in a secure and ethical way. But how the Panodyssey story began? We asked Alexandre Leforestier, CEO of the platform:

Describe yourself shortly: who are you, what experience do you bring to the project?

I am Alexandre Leforestier. I’ve been a French entrepreneur for 22 years now. I come from the world of Music and Internet, and have worked with many Hungarian artists such as the saxophone player Mihály Dresch, the guitarist Gábor Gadó and the artist Gábor Winand. I’m a big fan of the Sziget Festival!

I have created a music publishing company in France, as well as Qobuz, a musical streaming platform in Europe. I’m a pioneer of online music, and I’ve worked with creators all my life. I’m also passionate about writing. These aspirations and passions have led me to create my ideal vision of a social network dedicated to creative writing.


How did the idea of starting the project come into your mind?

We’re spending more and more time on digital applications, but we’re also losing more and more time. The internet is polluted by advertisements and fake content. During a hiking trip on the Swiss mountains, I have decided to create my ideal social network page dedicated to writing, free of any advertisement and fake contents in order to valorize authors.

I’ve been dreaming of a social network where creators could easily co-create and publish novels, stories, poems and illustrations by giving them the freedom to create without pressuring them. I’ve been dreaming of a social network where its users choose their own subjects of interest. I’ve been dreaming of a social network where anybody could write anything they wanted.

This is how Panodyssey came to life.


What do you expect from the project in person?

My expectation for this project is to become the first European creative and cultural network by connecting 10 million creators and 100 million users in 2030 honoring creativity, independence, freedom, respect, transparency and valorisation. When this happens, we will also be creating the greatest European social network, a concept that will be duplicable in other sectors in the world.

European creativity will shine through the digital world. We’ve had enough of American entertainment hegemony!


How did you select the project partners?

3 years ago, I presented my idea of Panodyssey to the European Commission, without any product, without money and without any team. 3 years later, we got the support of the European Commission by co-funding an ambitious consortium dedicated to the Cultural and Creative Industries of Europe in the digital space.

Our consortium, the Creative Room European Alliance, is composed of 9 founding partners in 5 different countries and 5 languages, including our Hungarian partner Pro Progressione. Additional partners, of all sizes and European nationalities, are joining us to create a strong alternative cultural ecosystem online. Famous artists and authors are joining our Creative European Tour, taking place in Madrid, Venice and also Budapest. A warm thank you to Barna and Abigel for the launching of the CREA and Panodyssey in Hungary during the Margo Festival in October 2022.


What is your most positive experience so far during the project?

My biggest satisfaction today is to see the Creative Room European Alliance expand with the arrival of new partners from different countries: we are currently meeting many publishers and actors from the Cultural and Creative Industries from Spain, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Together, we’ve designed our new product designed for professionals. We’re all impatient to launch Panodyssey Pro. Amazon isn’t the only online publisher there is!

Our door is always open for new opportunities and partnerships, so do not hesitate to join the CREA!


What is the next big milestone within the project?

I would like to thank Madam the Commissioner Mariya Gabriel as well as all the members of the European Commission and Parliament who have conceived the new Creative Europe program and enabled us to create our European consortium around values and ethics that unite us. We are now creating our second consortium, the CREA #2 with a few hundred partners in 27 European countries. Europe will soon have its ambitious social network dedicated to creativity.

You’re welcome to join the CREA Spanish launching event in Madrid on the 28th of September 2022 at the Cervantes Institute. You’re also welcome to join the CREA Hungarian launching event in Budapest on the 13th of October 2022 at the Margo Festival, and you’re also welcome to join the wonderful CREA launch event for Italy in Venice, on the 19th of October, in the lovely place of Piazza San Marco.

We wish the best for the project – if you want to follow Panodyssey news, follow its website or Facebook page.