Metrum 20211005 Rumbach Mohaibalazs 012

The curators of the DemArt project have selected a collective of artists to create an art work about and for the VII. district

The theater hall of the Bethlen Téri Színház hosted the presentation of the DemArt art project plans, where the representatives of the three selected projects, Dorottya Márton, the Metrum Ensemble and Kristóf Szabó, presented what kind of artistic work they would create focusing on the stories and characteristics of the 7th District. In 20 minutes each, the artists presented the purpose and justification of the art project, its impact on the community and their relationship with the community. The workflow and detailed budget of the art project, during which the work is created. They presented what kind of permissions they might need and how they would prepare and present the work. At the event, curators and guests had the opportunity to ask the artists questions.

Proprogressione Bethlentériszínház

Artists Selected – DemArt Project for the Seventh District of Budapest

The International Institute of Community Commissioned Art (IICCA) was co-founded by Bethlen Theater (Bethlen) / Pro Progressione (HU), Art Transparent (PL), and New Theater Institute of Latvia (LV) as part of the DemArt project. Its goal is to democratize art funding and commissioning practices in local municipalities and other cultural organizations, as well as empower local communities to support their cultural needs.

Open Call For Art Commissioners

Open call for artists at IICCA  – DemArt

Under the DemArt project, IICCA is looking for individual artists/ artist groups / collectives who wish to contribute to the community of the 7th district of Budapest through developing an art piece. Artistic projects can be proposed from, and involve any artistic discipline (visual, performing, sound, mixed etc.) but must contain long-lasting impact and engagement for the local community. Submitted projects will be assessed by a group of art commissioners from the local community.


InThisTogether Workshop – DemArt

“In this together” is the concept of a participatory circus show that at several points relies on the audience in order to happen at all. The basic intent is to extend the internal experiences of the artists to a wider public, to involve them close enough to let them experience the trust, focus and joy that is so intrinsic to our disciplines. This involves sharing some of the risk, in a controlled environment and is a major part of the research we intend to dive further into.