Ourspace 3

Our Space

In occasion of the 10th birthday of Pro Progressione we organize the Our Space Festival which is a week of art project happening on and about our public spaces. In the program we share a European toolkit of using our living environments, good practices with the chance of supporting each other. Performances, talks, a conference, workshops.

Our Space aims to bring people out of their comfort zone to see more and see differently their living environments. In new situations, new dialogs are happening. We try to create these new chances of dialogs. The audience of the performances is not just people interested in the field of performing and visual arts but people living in the districts where our events are about to happen. The goal of this project is to reach people living near to the activities of our proposal. They will be able to use and experience spaces differently from their everyday life as every performance uses public space innovatively.


Viktória Salgó


2020 Autumn


Reality Research Center (FI)
FinnAgora (HU)
Osztrák Kulturális Fórum (AT)