Beyond Fronta

Beyond Front@: Bridging Periphery

Beyond Fronta: Bridging Periphery (2023-2026) is a cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The project’s mission is to strengthen the contemporary dance scene in the Central European region by connecting and supporting dance actors – artists, managers, festivals and institutions. Three main areas of action to be tackled in the project: collaborative strategies, capacity building and sustainable cultural production in the region. Its priorities are supporting training, greater synergies, and the enhancement of regional visibility.

The embeddedness of contemporary dance in the Central European region is not sufficient. Its visibility is low, it reaches only a limited audience and therefore its social impact is marginal, while it has a significant mission. Therefore, it is important to develop relevant tools and more easily accessible resources which support those who are involved in the contemporary dance field. In order to ensure the sustainability of the art form, artists have to push the boundaries, not only in concept or form, but across markets and borders.

Built on the previous project outcomes and practices, the new edition of Beyond Front@ focuses on the peripheral situation of the dance actors in the Central European countries, covering a wider range of partners. The three-year project brings together 6 partner countries (Sweden, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary). All partners committed to fostering local development of contemporary dance production and all devoted to overcoming obstacles in their specific contexts by increasing mutual cooperation.

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