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Anti-Bullying Movement Series

Project website

The Anti-Bullying Movement Series is an international partnership with the aim to use arts and culture to find new ways for dealing with bullying in young, underrepresented populations. As an adult education project, it is intended to further develop the competencies of youth workers, educators, educational leaders, and artists who are actively working with at-risk youth. The programs organized under the partnership introduce methodologies that use art as a tool, which can allow professionals to detect and handle certain behavioral tendencies in their communities before they could fester into bullying.

The idea of ABMS is to use dance and movement in order to initiate community development. The partners of the project are welcome to introduce other fields of activity in their trainings as well, such as literature, theatre, visual arts, and cultural heritage. The participating organizations from Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Germany, Spain, and The Azores (Portugal) will each host a 5-day adult training in their home countries that will feature lectures and workshops addressing the topic of bullying.

At the end of the project, the partners will create a public policy paper initiating the involvement of the connection of bullying and arts education in the curriculum. By closely linking education and bullying, ABMS intends to urge professionals to address problematic behaviors. This way the project can ensure the production of a meaningful and long-lasting change in the education system and the lives of bullying victims.


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