Introducing the curators of the DemArt project

DemArt is based on the “radical” belief that culture in our society is for everyone.

By Bethlen Téri Theater / Pro Progressione (HU), Art Transparent (PL), and New Theatre Institute of Latvia (LV) the DemArt project was created with the aim to democratize the art funding and commissioning practices in local municipalities and other organizations in charge of culture, as well as empower local communities to support their cultural needs. Every participant country invited three locals from different communities to immerse in the process of selecting artists to create site specific artworks that are relevant for them, providing the participants with necessary training and budget as well as professional guidance throughout the process.

In Hungary, three residents of the 7th district of Erzsébetváros were selected through an open call, and then through their personal and online interviews, to participate in the DemArt project as art curators. In doing so, they will represent their community and assist the selected artists in creating site-specific artwork.

Demart Dorottya

Dorottya Ács
I’m Dorottya Ács, 27 years old, an enthusiastic representative of community and cultural movements. I currently work in the civil and cultural sector. Growing up in a family of musicians, I am most passionate about supporting the performing arts and trying to explore ways to bring arts outreach and support to a wider audience. As a district resident, the DemArt project is very exciting to me because of its uniqueness and the values it represents. I would like to see the selected artists really connect with the residents, our stories reflected in the artwork.


Demart Dominika

Dominika Gergő
I am Dominika Gergő, a 21-year-old woman and I’ve dedicated my last 10 years to elite sport. Past tense by now, because I got to the point to realize that this sports bubble doesn’t make me satisfied anymore. I wanted to become more than an always tired athlete with the triangle of training, eating, and sleeping. So I began to open to the world of art. That was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but at the same time it really showed a new slice of myself. This new artistic place allows me to be connected better with myself and I believe it can also provide a platform to revive community relationships. At the beginning I felt instantly called out with this project, cause I just freshly moved to the 7th district. On one hand I absolutely love the location, but the community really needs some changes. I believe that projects like this can become a good link in our social bonds and make bridges between generations. Starting dialogues, acting as a catalyst for re-forging the community. In my mind this is the ultimate long term goal of the project, to help to create the atmosphere where we could live together in balance.


Demart Art Juda

Juda Jelinek
My background is in international development, city planning, real estate development and business administration. I am trained in urban design, ArchGIS Spatial Analysis, ArchiCAD and SketchUp 3D modelling. I have experience in socio -economic research analysis and report writing, public relations (PR) management. I am a sustainability assessor green growth advocate and as a local patriot the development of my community is of importance to me. Besides social, political and economic affairs, I am also interested in philosophy and art history. During this DemArt project, we will bring together democracy, politics, philosophy and art, in a unique constellation. The process will manifest – in a yet unknown – form.