Anna Square

Seress Anna – project manager

In university I have studied art history and architectural theory. What interested me in both was how the aesthetic comes together with the social, how culture can drive societies forward and fit into the fabric of complex economical and political social relations. The projects in PP Social are all experiments to answer these questions, one way or another.

Creative Change

Given the tectonic shifts in society and work accelerated by Covid-19, adult educators face an enormous challenge: how to rapidly adjust service provision to respond to learners’ new needs. Transnational collaboration in EU-funded projects, have long been a fast-track to improving and innovating education services. Our ability to identify new solutions and work with colleagues from other sectors can make the difference in bringing real change. To this end, Creative Change seeks to learn from the creative sector.


The What’SAP project is a 2-year international project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. It is based on the exchange of the methodologies between the four project partners from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia, and France.

V4-SAP – Social Art Practices

The V4-SAP project is focusing on Social Art Practices in the V4 region. This project has some interrelated components with our ongoing Academy for Actors of Civil Change project, but it is independent from it. Our goal with the V4-SAP project is to implement in the V4 region knowledge and best practices harvested from our already running Academy.

Stronger Peripheries

Stronger Peripheries is a large-scale cooperation project supported by the EU’s Creative Europe programme, gathering 14 partners, from 10 European countries. It acts within the performing arts sector through the creation of artistic productions, the training of creative and cultural workers, and the proposal of new cultural policies based on the promotion and assessment of participative practices. It is the inaugural project stemming from the Southern Coalition, an informal association that prompts cooperation between cultural agents based in the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Balkans.

Online @cademy Conference

On 2nd October, Pro Progressione has organised its first large-scale digital conference titled @cademy Conference: Social art practices in the digital era.


2020. október


Anadolu University (TR)
Asociación Raíces de Coriander (ES)
Studio Skit (PL)
Kulturanova (RS)
Sineglossa (IT)
Záhrada (SK)
Di Mini Teatro (FR)


The idea for ACADEMY+ was born from the common projects of the partners in the field of youth and socially engaged art practices. Its aim is to further develop the methods used by them in their daily work through joint brainstorming, testing and regular feedback, and to make the creative development of disadvantaged young people even more effective by coordinating and combining the four methods.

Academy for Actors of Civil Change ’20

We organize yearly our Summer Academy Erasmus+ programme, which focuses this year on social change as the title shows. The 2-weeks training programme invites professionals of social and educational fields coming from 8 different countries from all over Europe and provide them the opportunity to learn formal and non-formal artistic methods and put the newly gained knowledge into practice with the help of professional advisers. We also organize an open day as the closing of the project, where we invite professionals working in this field in Hungary or in the partners’ countries in order to build a professional network.

Academy for Actors of Social Change ’19

Academy for Actors of Social Change will improve and widen the skills of professionals of social and educational fields, youth workers and individuals working with underprivileged people in remote areas of the world. The two-week programme invited 40 young professionals representing 8 organizations from all over Europe to learn and experiment with new ways of working with underprivileged youth through special social art practices in the fields of Theatre In Education techniques, mask & object work, psychology, sociology, music and other disciplines.

Academy for Actors of Social Change ’18

Academy for Actors of Social Change aims to improve and widen the skills of professionals of social and educational fields, youth workers and individuals who work with underprivileged youth in remote areas of the world. It is an educational project that combines the positive characteristics of pedagogy and adds an innovative layer from the performing arts, methods used and improved by experts.

FAR – Fight Against Radicalisation

FAR – Fight Against Radicalisation was an international training for artists, youth workers, young pedagogues, social workers and volunteers who believe that art can be a powerful tool toward social change. The aim of the project was to find different artistic tools that can raise awareness around radicalisation. The project was a collaboration between four European partners. In the framework of the FAR project we were implementing a youth exchange which was result in a series of participatory workshops for high-school students and a thematic festival.


Play! MOBILE aimed to encourage cultural participation in the micro regions of Europe. We believe that community art practice, the creation of modifiable site-specific installations and the development of a participatory game as a platform for interaction between artist-artifact and public, offers a sophisticated and inclusive way for capacity building and the development of new audiences. By turning public spaces of the visited settlements into playgrounds of contemporary art, we aimed to create an alternative way of cultural consumption, a methodology to present contemporary artworks without the necessity of having all the satisfactory infrastructure.

Summer Academy ’17

Our Summer Academy for Non-Formal Youth Practices aimed to address the challenges taking place in the education of underprivileged children from remote areas, facing a lack of basic human competence. Based on the recognition that stage is an exceptionally effective asset of community building, our core team established new ways of social work through arts and culture to work with the disadvantaged youth.

Careers in the Common Good

Our mission is to “Inspire the young adults of Central and Eastern Europe to apply their passion for the enrichment of their communities”. We do this through immersive ten-day programmes: a summer course for 18-25-year-olds and a project bootcamp for 25+. Young experts from the public, private and non-profit sectors teach interactive workshops on their fields (e.g. human rights, sustainability) and share their career paths and struggles. We guide participants in starting their own attainable projects. Through this, we also build a community of open-minded youth in the region.